Angela Fitts

Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Empowerment Ambassador, Health and Wellness Advocate.

Aloha and Welcome to the Nurturing Well!

I am an Empowerment Ambassador, health and wellness advocate, student, and example of holistic, spiritually enhanced, youthful living. My journey began through a spiritual awakening I experienced 17 years ago. I reached a point in life where the emotional pain and trauma of my past experiences had taken over my life in all areas. I had no idea who I was or why I was here, I was barely existing. Then, I responded to a heart call that sent me to the Big Island of Hawaii, where I committed myself to radical healing and self-care. Life started to shift for me here on this beautiful island as I was open to receiving and ready to do the inner work of facing all my shadows.

I am an HSP (highly sensitive person), or some may call it an intuitive empath. Being an empath is my superpower; it allows me to tune with the world and people around me and have a sixth sense of knowing and feeling. Only once I learned of being an empath was I able to navigate and pivot my life in a way that allowed me to heal myself through radical self-love and self-care.

I’ve spent years researching, reading books, going to workshops, doing yoga, attending conscious community events, sound healings, delving into spiritual practices, meditating, and meeting with other like-hearted souls. As I grew, I began to embody wholeness and well-being. Finally, I found myself at peace. I realized that I had been sharing with others along the way what was naturally in my heart. I have acquired quite the SELF-LOVE toolbox that I am here to share with those who resonate with my offerings. I am passionate about helping others find the power to heal themselves and find true peace in their hearts.

My offerings are centered on profound compassion and nurturing, allowing for massive shifts and true healing. We must learn to forgive ourselves and others, to treat our bodies, minds, and spirits like newborn babies that need nurturing and love first and foremost. 

I am a certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Reiki practitioner and breathwork facilitator.

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