Angela taught me most things I know about self care and she is and always will be my guide. From skincare to bath rituals to supplements to mediation to sound healing and more. She is an inspiration to me and her ability to research ensures that she is always so well informed with everything. But what I love most is Angela’s huge heart, her genuine love and passion that she weaves through everything she creates, she puts so much attention and genuine care into ensuring that she gives everything to what she does. She truly is like an earth angel to me. She listens and understands and she offers a space where you can be understood and will always go above and beyond. Angela embodies what she teaches, what she offers is what she lives and she is the most gentle loving soul but also a warrior and someone who will always be there for you in tough times. I am so grateful to have had Angela guide me all these years and don’t know where I would be without her. A natural healer and guide and anyone who has her in their life is so lucky.

Alexandra Saran

“Angela has a beautiful soul and a genuine heart. She is very empathetic and cares deeply for everyone she meets on her journey. She has a beautiful gift of sharing and caring that provides so many benefits, love, and guidance to everyone who is lucky to know her. I was blessed to meditate with her remotely and the experiences we shared were just incredible. I was able to feel a great connection, love, and energy vibrations although we were not in the same area. Sharing, caring, loving, inspiring, kind, gentle, understanding, and beautiful inside and out. She is also a great writer and overall a covert in self care. Besides that, Angela is a loving and caring friend who can give without asking anything back and love unconditionally.

Katya Ki Willis

Angela is an absolute treasure and gift to anyone whom she sets her heart on. She is a sacred woman whose nature has been woven by the golden thread of Kuan YIn’s compassionate essence. She holds the key codes of grace and beauty coupled with the fierce flame of a warrioress. She is the embodiment of alchemization as she has transmuted the darkness she has encountered in this realm into a sacred well of love, wisdom, and service. Angela truly understands what is needed to support and nourish the mind, body and soul. She is a teacher, guide, and emanates the mother archetype in a way that inspires. She holds a wealth of knowledge in most areas of the organic healing spectrum. In the many years that I have journeyed with her I have received so much from her innate knowing and personal experience. Indeed, she has been my personal self - care encyclopedia. I cannot express how excited I am to know that she is taking her throne in service to the world for she is so worthy of it. She truly is a beacon of light that stands for personal alchemy through radical self-care, radical self- love & radical self- empowerment. The Nurturing Well will be a delightful cauldron of magical elixirs that I truly cannot wait to explore!’

Angela is the true embodiment of nurturing, self-care and compassion. She holds the keys to taking care of the body, around all layers of wellness, nutrition, and grounding. Angela has taught me to trust myself, slow down, and place an intention into everything. The way my life has shifted from embodying some of Angela’s practices have radically healed my body, expanded my mind, and grounded my practices. Having the opportunity to experience my first ever Yoni steam as Angela as the facilitator was so powerful! She held such a safe container for me to be in vulnerability and safety. I highly recommend any offerings that Angela is presenting. You will leave feeling whole, healed, and full of truth! Thank you, Angela, for being such a powerful light in my life and holding space for others on their journey to nurturing!

Ashlee McDonald

Angela's ability to create safe, nourishing, relaxing environments is hard to capture fully, but I'll try. She has a true gift for healing and nourishing and an impressive toolkit she shares generously with others. Her spirit is so calming and loving too; she quickly makes you feel comfortable. I was recently gifted her self-care offering on the beach, which was unlike anything I had done! It was a powerful experience that recharged, cleansed, and realigned me with my highest power and self. She helped me float in a very calm part of the water, walked me through grounding exercises, did a sound healing session with the ocean as background music, had a hand-made (delicious) meal for me, and the cutest beach tent beautifully decorated with so many details, just for me! Seeing her in action then and at other offerings since, it's become clear that she has a higher purpose in this work. Her guidance has changed the way I see self-care and MYSELF. If you have struggled to feel relaxed and tuned in to something more, I highly recommend Angela to help you. Working with her has been life-changing.

Angela! My Sister My mentor My Angel. Ive heard a saying that "a Mentor is someone who allows you to see the Hope inside yourself". And that very statement reigns truth for Angela has been a light to help shine the power that lies with in myself. She has been a maternal figure in my life guiding me through words of wisdom and regimens of self care as I embark the journey of womanhood. She was the first to introduce me to the importance of honoring the womb, recognizing and embracing that the womb itself deserves my undivided love and attention for it is the center of my being. From yoni steams to rituals of self care I took note, observed, and learned how to Properly take care of self. I witnessed my mentor honor herself daily and I was inspired by her devotion to self. And I truly believe because of the love that she pours into herself that the love she gives to others including myself is amplified. Her love is so kind her love is so sweet her love is so patient. Her love uplifts her love builds her love transcends her love heals. I am so grateful to have and to hold the love Angela gives. For it is an honor to be blessed with her presence, she is truly An Angel here on Earth.

Kerra Guest

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