Lemurian Eurphoria Mist

Lemurian Eurphoria Mist. Face & Body Mists (may also be used at room spray)


Lemurian Eurphoria Mist

Face & Body Mists (may also be used at room spray)

Ingredients: Sun Charged Distilled Water, Blue Lotus Oil, Monatomic Gold, Rose, Black Spruce, Frankincense Oils.

*Mist has been charged with Quartz Crystal chalice dipped in 24k gold tuned to the F Note (heart). Infused with soothing, nurturing, warm vibrations, encouraging and uplifting your Divine Will. These intentions have been activated by Lemurian ocean water. Mist has an entheogenic quality which may create a spiritual experience.

Certified Organic & Vegan. Bottled in UV Protected glass to preserve ingredients. Reuse & Refill Program. Save your bottle! With every refill receive $5 off. Produced, created and made with love on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shake well before use.


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