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Book your Big Island Healing Experience at a remote luxury beach location.

This includes a glamping tent set up, with reiki healing energy session, sound healing, meditation floats on pristine crystal clear, blue waters, coffee scrubs, an organic, local, holistic farm to beach lunch served. You will be pampered for two and a half hours. This is a spiritual experience filled with nurturing care for the soul. Receive the energetic medicine you need to soothe your nervous system, revitalize your spirit and bask in luxury. This experience is for one to two individuals only. You will be treated with the utmost professionalism and privacy.

Self-Care practices include:

  • Private Glamping Tent Set-Up for One or Two People
  • Full Service Exquisite Homemade High-Vibrational Organic Meal with Local Fresh Ingredients
  • Guided Ocean Float Meditation and Reiki Healing
  • Sound Healing

    With Divine Empowerment* Ignite your Purpose* Genetic Key Code Alchemy Chalis tuned to F note (heart) emanating potent healing frequencies offering deeply relaxing yet stimulating effects to the physical, emotional, spiritual & mental bodies.

  • Skin Care Glow

    With choice of coffee scrubs, sea salt herb infused scrubs, face, body mist, bronzing body oil infused with monatomic gold.

  • Single $444
  • Pair $888
Owen Peters
Richland, WA
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"Angela was amazing!! Her ability to connect with you and personalize her therapy for you is truly amazing. Her positive energy flows out of her and surrounds you. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to connect deeply with themselves in an absolutely amazing location. Additionally, the love that goes into the amazing spread of food is completely apparent!! Thank you Angela for an amazing experience and connecting us more deeply with the spirit of Hawaii!!!"

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